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Jessi LaCosta - Offering Sage Solutions for Sustainable Sucess

Jessi LaCosta's Bio:

  Jessi LaCosta is a Board Certified Coach, professional speaker and seasoned facilitator. She focuses on fostering leadership potential and maximizing resiliency in individuals and organizations. Her background includes 15+ years working across public, private and non-profit sectors in strategic communications, program development, reputation management and organizational effectiveness. LaCosta brings insights from Interpersonal Neurobiology, (IPNB) the study of neuroscience, psychology and relationships into much of her work. This strengthens her understanding of effective leadership development and contributes to her tools for maximizing resiliency potential in people and teams.      She consistently works to create sustainable practices that yield long-term growth, vision-inspired careers and socially relevant solutions.  In doing so she consults with organizations to help build effectiveness through Brand-Centered Sustainability – a process LaCosta designed as a strategic, results-oriented approach for accountable, attuned leadership development. This way of infusing the brand into all facets by connecting people and systems to a core vision creates effective, efficient, healthy and sustainable platforms for success. LaCosta also recently founded the USA’s First Center for Credentialing and Education BCC-Approved veteran focused coach certification training program that produces quality, certified coaches who can assist military veterans with career transition and reintegration into the civilian sector. She also has developed and delivered BCC-Approved Continuing Education programs in the areas of transition and resilience. She has consulted for, coached and presented to many professionals at mid-management and executive levels including but not limited to: Delaware Division of the Arts, First State Heritage Park, San Diego Health and Human Services, Western Municipal Water District, Abbott Vascular, University of Baltimore, Portland State and the Boys and Girls Club of Carlsbad, CA.  In addition to her coaching and consulting work, she has been an adjunct instructor at Portland State, The Centre for Organization Effectiveness, and Nonprofit Management Solutions. As a Board Certified Coach with special designations in Corporate/Leadership and Career Coaching, she has provided in excess of 3000 hours of coaching to individuals and teams.  She is approved to administer many feedback and 360 assessment tools including: Golden Personality Type Profiler, Page Workplace Behavior Inventory, VAL, InsightMirror 360 Leadership, Skill Scan Career Driver, Style Matters, TKI and the CareerLeader.    Prior to the launch of her firm, BlueRio Strategies, LaCosta was recruited to work at one of the nation’s top advertising agencies, Deutsch. They had noticed her ability to bridge the gaps between clients and in-house creative talent, from her former work in helping to launch a unique organizational model for an Ophthalmic Surgery Center in New York City. At Deutsch she improved her management skills of cross-functional team dynamics, and also honed her relationship marketing and branding skills while managing successful regional and national client campaigns.   LaCosta sits on the Board of Directors for GAINS (Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies) and is the recipient of both the H. Mebane Turner Service and the Thomas J. Pullen Outstanding Young Alumna Awards from the University of Baltimore and a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from Duncan Hunter - Member of Congress, "​in recognition of your dedication to support our veterans and their families."      

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neuroscience, branding, crisis management, trauma-informed training, resilience, music, nature, leadership development

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