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Working with leaders and other professionals to maximise their impact and find sage solutions for sustainable success

Jessi LaCosta's Bio:

Jessi LaCosta is a Board Certified Leadership Coach, professional speaker and seasoned facilitator. She focuses on fostering leadership potential and maximizing resiliency in individuals and organizations. Her background includes 20+ years working across public, private and non-profit sectors in strategic communications, program development, reputation management and organizational effectiveness. LaCosta brings insights from Interpersonal Neurobiology, (IPNB) the study of neuroscience, psychology and relationships into much of her work. This strengthens her understanding of effective leadership development and contributes to her tools for maximizing resiliency potential in people and teams. She consistently works to create sustainable practices that yield long-term growth, vision-inspired careers and socially relevant solutions.

Jessi LaCosta's Experience:

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Jessi LaCosta's Interests & Activities:

neuroscience, branding, crisis management, trauma-informed training, resilience, music, nature, leadership development, social entrepreneur, relational neuroscience motivational speaker,

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